medialoopster: Version 5.2 with more functionality

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On the server side, medialoopster has been using the Docker virtualisation environment since version 5. As a result, medialoopster is both platform-independent and easily scalable, meaning it is able to flexibly adapt to a wide variety of customer requirements. Additional flexibility is provided in the current 5.2 version via newly introduced custom metadata fields. These enable the customer to create their own metadata sets and to define their own mappings when enacting the API import of metadata. Further new features: In the Adobe panel, i.e directly in the Premiere panel, there is now medialoopster functionality available – before now, it was only possible to use medialoopster in the browser interface. So first of all, this means that more metadata fields will be displayed in search results and, secondly, that it will be easier to update metadata of assets in Premiere.
The 5.2 version of medialoopster also contains further aspects that provide extended functionality with simple usability when it comes to the connection to user directories: It is now possible to use the LDAP protocol to synchronise the medialoopster user database with an external user directory (active/open directory). In addition, there is also a connection to Avid Media Composer as well as an integrated ingest control for Softron MovieRecorder.